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End to end Application Management for today’s Hybrid Technology Environment

The innovative solution to deploy, update, access, integrate, and automate applications at scale.

✓ Unified user experience

Execute a clean and efficient application management workflow, regardless of platform, application, or device. 

✓ Worry-free software distribution

Configure, release, and patch company-wide updates at scale without costly disruptions or frustrating delays.

✓ the right apps for the right users

Achieve reliable, context-based access and management for every application, every user, every time. 

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Application Access without Boundaries

Seamless Integrations

Unlock true productivity and collaboration by deciding where and how users gain access to applications. Deployed on-prem or in the cloud, we put the limitless possibilities of application management under your control, regardless of the technology you use, with integrations across Microsoft, VMWare, Citrix, and more. 

4,000 Apps at Your IT Admin’s Fingertips

Liquit Setup Store

Leverage our catalog of 4,000+ applications to connect end users to the Liquit Workspace seamlessly. With fully automatic updates and alerts, managing applications across individual users and groups goes from hours to minutes. All applications are already configured with best practices implemented, guaranteeing security and keeping zero-day vulnerabilities to a minimum. 

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Liquit Platform Overview

Liquit Workspace

A Workspace Designed to Make Work Easier

End users are able to self-service access the tools they need from an easy-to-use catalog of apps and services, in whatever way is deemed most efficient for your organization. This ensures employees always have the latest version of the apps they need, delivered how they want, wherever they are. Hassle-free delivery significantly reduces your IT tickets, with a consistent presentation on any device, including Smart Icons that deliver contextual application access, Microsoft Teams and Office 365 integration, and local access without an internet connection. 

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  • True Work-From-Anywhere Capability: As remote work becomes a fundamental part of business, end-users need the flexibility to function at peak productivity regardless of device, location, or internet access. 
  • Efficient Application Management That Lasts: When end-users can spend more time being productive and less time figuring out how to make applications work with a certain device or browser, everyone benefits. As your applications and technical tools evolve over time, Liquit future-proofs your application management. 
  • Unburdened IT Departments: With end-users having complete self-servicing capabilities for all their applications, IT teams gain more capacity to tackle bigger picture initiatives instead of one-off fixes for individual users. 

Liquit Release & Patch Management

Powerful Application Management for Your IT Team 

Gain the IT tools you need to maintain your organization’s applications with minimal effort. With 4,000+ curated applications at your fingertips, you can ensure the right applications for your organization are immediately accessible. Our staged development process configures applications optimally, and ensures end-users only encounter applications that work correctly, every time. Deployment integrations create predictability and flexibility, significantly reducing the time it takes IT teams to configure applications to best fit organizational needs. 


  • No More Reinventing the Wheel: Instead of starting from square one every time you need an application update or deployment, Liquit Release & Patch Management does the work for you. Our growing list of 4,000+ applications ensures you always have the right coverage to meet the needs of your company. 
  • Help IT Teams Work Smarter: The IT team is a valuable, constantly in-demand resource for any organization. Liquit Release & Patch Management keeps IT teams from being weighed down with routine application management tasks so they can focus on higher level issues. 
  • Meet Compliance with Confidence: In a world of zero-day vulnerabilities, Liquit Release & Patch Management drastically minimizes the time between patch release and deployment, reducing unnecessary security risks. We make keeping applications fully up-to-date simple, ensuring your end-users always have the latest and best version at their fingertips as applications evolve. 
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Liquit Access Manager

Simple, Smart and Secure Access for All 

Liquit Access Manager eliminates the headaches that come with making sure end-users have secure access to the applications they need. Contextual awareness makes it easy to grant the right users access to the right applications, with extensive filtering and flexibility to unlock unlimited value for IT teams. Intelligent identification and authentication removes complexity from the sign-on process, allowing for the consolidation of multiple identity sources to improve security and efficiency.  


  • Improved Organizational Productivity: A pause in productivity because of an application access issue is endlessly frustrating. Liquit Access Manager eliminates these issues, enabling teams to keep work moving forward, no matter the device or location they’re working from.
  • Smart, Secure Access: Liquit Access Manager provides the highest level of organizational security, ensuring only the end-users you choose have access, without sacrificing efficiency. 
  • A More Efficient IT Team: The last thing any IT team needs is an endless stream of tickets due to inefficient, decentralized application management. Liquit Access Manager gives IT teams the freedom to focus on building proactive solutions rather than reacting to issues. 

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